The Cardboard Challenge at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Inspired by Caine’s arcade, Sarah from The Playful Parents organized The Cardboard Dreams on 5 October 2012, which was also Children’s Day, at Singapore Botanic Gardens. Preparing for The Cardboard Dreams As it was our first time creating a game out of cardboard, we had no idea how to start. With the cardboard challenge event… Continue reading The Cardboard Challenge at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Little Cloud by Eric Carle

Little Cloud by Eric Carle is one of Dot’s favourite reads. To a child, clouds are not just clouds? They can change into a rabbit…clown..anything under the sun. Just imagine. Before we read aloud, I would bring her to the window where she could have full view of the sky. “Where are the clouds?” and… Continue reading Little Cloud by Eric Carle

Things in this world come in various shapes and sizes.  Few month ago, we started teaching Dot about shapes – circle, square, rectangle, triangle, star, heart, oval and diamond – from the book “My First Shape“.

Dot is still exploring and learning about her world. We help her to discover her world of circle that comes in different forms in our house. Later we guide her to find different shapes around her.

[Click to view the circle objects we showed Dot at home]

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I love exploring and understanding the world through her eyes – it helps me to see things from a fresh perspective. Many times she surprises us with her replies when she sees certain objects at home or outdoor.

These were some of the words that slipped off her lips when she saw these items – the imaginative world through the eyes of a 22-month toddler.

[Mouse-over or click to see her world of shapes]

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