Thank you for visiting our blog which we started after Dot’s first birthday. Here, we record bits of Dot’s childhood, our fun crafts and activities together, our travel diary, our time with nature , our personal thoughts and parenting journey.

In 2015, baby Daniel is added to our family of three. We are very grateful to be blessed with another child.

It’s no easy task being parents – the responsibilities that come with it are even more daunting in our fast-paced society and fluid culture. Sometimes we are just too busy making a living that we just want quick and easy solutions to our daily living – fast food to fill the rumbling tummy, TV as a nanny to keep the children occupied so that we can have a breather, and the list goes on.

Building Strong Families came to my mind when I was semi-asleep one morning. “How to build a strong family?,” I asked. After some thought, here are some areas we are working on :

It’s not always a smooth sailing journey as spouses and parents. We are still learning about one another and growing in maturity in our roles as spouses and parents.

You are most welcome to drop us an email and to share your experiences.

I also blog for Gospel for Asia/Bridge of Hope to share how we can help the low-caste and Dalit (“Untouchable”) children to have a chance to receive education, a warm meal, a yearly medical check-up and most of all to know that Jesus loves them very much. Read our GFA posts here.

With love, Dee