I was searching for information about “Consumerism” and I found this video on how advertising and marketers are targeting children as young as infant to entice them to be lifetime consumers. Sadly, I am unaware of this until I watched this video.

Sue Palmer in her book ‘Toxic Childhood” also mentioned that behind the TV programmes and computer games that keep our children entertained lurks an army of anonymous manipulators – marketing executives and child psychologists – to capture the hearts and minds of the next generation of consumers.

It’s troubling. We should know what we are exposing our children to and the possible implications.

How are we helping our children to navigate the commercial culture?

What are your thoughts on this?

Ten Things every child needs for the best start in life” is the research-based documentary that highlights the importance of seizing the golden opportunity during the first three years of a child’s life to help nurture and give them the best start in life.  They can definitely reach their full potential if we help them!

In this video, research showed that the brains of animals in the wild are usually 20-30% bigger than animals in the zoo which illustrates the importance of providing our children adequate experiences in the forms of these 10 things – interaction, touch, stable relationship, safety, self-esteem, quality childcare, conversation, play, music and reading – to help them to develop and reach their potential.

These 10 things every child needs will be shared more in depth in this video. If you are interested to watch this dvd, you can also borrow it from Singapore National Library.

At birth, an infant’s brain is only 25 percent of the size of an average adult’s brain. Amazingly, by 3 years of age, a child’s brain has grown to 90 percent of that of an adult. During the first 3 years, the types of experiences the children are exposed to impact their brain development. There is amazing opportunity to help our children reach their potential but it comes with responsibility and dedication to help shape their growth and develop healthy habits that will influence their adulthood.