It has been more than six months since I last blogged. It has been a tiring and taxing months after the arrival of the boy. With so much to juggle – preparation of meals, feeding the boy, watching over the kids, reading and playing with the kids, washing and cleaning the kids and the house, and also doing my work – I don’t have much time to really blog. Catching up on sleep is of higher priority.

We have a rather peaceful year end holiday this year. We spend a lot of our time at home during the weekdays and out and about during weekends. It’s quite routine and predictable, except for a few days where Dot went for the children’s church camp, had an impromptu day trip with her best friend and we had an early Christmas party with Dot’s ex-classmates from her kindergarten.

I didn’t have much plan during the holiday for my 6-year-old girl except these two new routines that are added to her schedule – gymnastics and daily Scripture writing.



We caught the spectacular performance by the gymnasts at the GymFest Singapore 2016 at Star Vista more than a month ago. My girl is intrigued by the performances and tried to dance like them when she was home that evening.

I googled and found a gymnastics school nearby and asked her whether she was keen to go for a trial class. I was watching her from a distance during the trial class and it was physically quite intensive. At the end of the trial class, she was accepted to join the class.

After seven lessons, she is still going on strong and she is determined to continue this sports. It’s a tough sports, but I’m glad that she is enjoying it.


When you learn something difficult, it stretches you. #DotMySportsGirl

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Daily Scripture Writing

Every morning (except weekends), she writes Bible verses, reads the verses when she completes her writing and then I will share with her more about the verses. Sometimes she will share her personal thoughts and experiences related to the verses.

Scripture writing helps her to focus and memorise the verses. After writing Galatians 5:22-26 repetitively for five days, she can memorise these verses. I also learn to memorise the verses.

It trains her to take note of punctuation and helps her to learn new words.

More importantly, I notice a change of heart. She is learning to be more obedient, and caring towards people around her, though there are still several areas to work on. I believe Scripture writing has some impact on her personal life.


As 2017 draws near, my little girl will enter a new phase of her life. She will have another new routine to adjust to, where she will wake up before the dawn break for breakfast and then catch her school bus to her new primary school.

It will be a new routine for me too.