Favourite books for 5 to 6 years old

With the arrival of a new baby, time is not on my side. I don’t have the luxury of time to seek out good books for Dot to read. This responsibility of choosing books fall on my husband now, though at time I will still ask him to help me to borrow some books for myself or Dot. Thankful that they frequent the library almost weekly as Dot has her music class in the same building.

I still read to her regularly, if I can settle his brother to sleep earlier. Some days, depending the books we are reading, I will encourage her to read alternate pages with me if she is willing to read aloud on her own. She is learning to recognize the English words and gradually improving, though we could do better with more Chinese reading.

I observe that when I limit her screen intake, her reading time increases. We mutually agree that she will only watch TV on alternate day, and each time she is limited to 1-2 hours, depending on the show or program she is watching.

Now Dot is starting to learn to read on her own. At times, she will take a stack of books and sit in a corner quietly savouring the books on her own. Yes, she still asks to be read aloud on most days but I’m glad that she is learning to enjoy reading on her own.

When we read together, we will discuss about the characters in the story, observe the illustrations, and share what we learn from the story.

Together with Dot, we have read several books we own and some from our beloved public library, and these are some of our favourites!

What do you do with an idea
Written by Kobi Yamada and illustrated by Mae Besom
Children have a lot of ideas, many times quirky. It’s so important, as adults not to diminish their ideas but rather encourage them to grow their ideas, to make our world a better place.

This book explores how one’s ideas can be extinguished by people around us and what we can do to help the ideas to grow. The boy in story was initially uncomfortable with the idea and wanted to discard it, but the idea, in the form of an egg, kept following him. When he started to share with others his idea, they laughed at him. As he persisted, his idea grows and took flight, and changed the world, becoming part of everything around him.

As much as it’s a children book, I’m also inspired by it.

The Cat in the Hat
By Dr. Seuss 
We own a few Dr Seuss’s books. I’m not a fan but my girl enjoys some of his books like The Cat in the Hat, and Green Eggs and Ham. This cumulative story has a lot of repetitive words as it progresses, and she learns to pick up good amount of words.
The Shark King
R. Kikuo Johnson
This is the first comic book, about the tale of Nanaue, a Hawaiian legend, my girl chose to borrow from our public library. She was so enticed by the story that she carried it wherever she went. She even rode her bicycle to the sports stadium, put her bike down on the floor, sat on the floor and finished reading this book before she headed off to the running track to run.


The Girl with a Brave Heart
Written by Rita Jahanforuz and illustrated by Vali Mintzi
When Shiraz’s ball of wool fell into a neighbour’s garden, she tried her best to get it back. In return for the wool, she helped the old woman to clean and tidy her house and garden, even helped her to comb and tidied her hair, despite the old woman telling her to crush all the things in the house and garden, and cutting off her hair. Shiraz looked beyond the words that are spoken, she looked into the heart of the old woman and met her there. Unlike Shiraz, Monir, her step-sister only focussed on her self interest and disregards the needs of the old woman.

The Empty Pot
Honesty and integrity are such rare commodities that the emperor had to use a cooked seed to test whether the children in the land would return with a pot of flower or an empty pot. The right man chosen will succeed him as emperor. On the day of the competition, all the children brought pots of beautiful flowers except for Ping, who only had an empty pot to show. It was very clear who would be the next in line as emperor, it was Ping, the only honest child in the land.
The Tale of Three Trees
Written by Angela Elwell Hunt and illustrated by Tim Jonke 
Retelling the traditional folktale of the three trees, the dreams of the three trees are fulfilled not according to their own desires. They took part in history most significant moments from the birth of Christ to His death on the cross. A good reminder that God’s ways are higher than ours.
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It’s Okay to Make Mistakes
Todd Parr
A colourful picture book that simple to read and understand. Even my baby is attracted to this brightly coloured book. Share and discuss with Dot that it’s indeed fine to make mistakes. The most important step forward is to learn from our mistakes.

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World
Marjorie Priceman
A story about a girl who travels around the world to get her essential ingredients to bake an apple pie.
The Tiny Seed
Eric Carle
The tiniest of seeds travels over great distance in different seasons, surviving the challenging situations and landed itself on the ground where it grows the biggest flower in the world. Many people around the world came to see its greatness and beauty. When the time comes, its flower petals wither and fall to the ground. The seeds are ready to be carried away by the winds to be scattered far and wide.


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