After growing wheatgrass with soil, growing wheatgrass without soil is really easy and requires minimum maintenance. The nutritional differences between those grown with soil at the early stage of growth are negligible as a major percentage of their mineral value comes from the seed itself.

In 9-12 days, the wheatgrass is ready to be harvested for juicing. These micro-greens are not edible salad greens as they are too fibrous. They are juiced and is used for detoxifying the liver and boosting the immune system.

Mold is a common complaint when growing wheatgrass. Mold can be significantly reduced when the seeds are rinsed well. After 3-4 days, the seeds will have grown roots and anchored to one another. Those seeds that are loose and have not germinated are removed during rinsing. Seeds that are at the bottom of the seeds usually do not germinate. They will become soft and mouldy and starts to smell. Rinsing twice a day will reduce the mold, foul smell and the irritating flies.

Our best defence against mold is also quality seed. Try to buy organic seeds whenever possible. The seeds can be bought from organic store and the organic section in NTUC. I would be interested to know where you bought your seeds too.

How to begin :

1. Find a suitable container or tray and pour the seeds onto it. Spread them evenly on the surface, best to have a thin layer, and use that amount of seeds to grow the wheatgrass.


2. Soak the seeds in pure water for 10-12 hours.

3. Pour away the water and spread the seeds evenly on the tray.

4. House the tray in a plastic tent with hole cut at the top of the tent. The “greenhouse tent” helps to retain moisture, maintain temperature and allows light to penetrate. I keep the wheatgrass in the tent for at least four days and the wheatgrass blades and roots are moist throughout.



5. Rinse at least twice a day with cold water. Good thorough rinsing will prevent the growth of mold.

6. After fourth day, you can place the wheatgrass near the window to get the sun indirectly.

7. When the sprouts have anchored themselves to one another, they can be turned upside down for rinsing.

8. Harvest in 9-12 days. Cut the wheatgrass above the seed line and rinse the blades before juicing.


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