“Mommy, why am I alone? I have no one to play with at home?” Dot, then about three years old, compared herself with the friends whom she usually played with.

Dot had been longing for a sibling for a while and had been asking us to have another baby.

When I told her that I was pregnant, she was so thrilled that she told her whole world – her school teacher, her friends, and people she usually met that I had conceived.  Initially, she kept asking me why my tummy was still not showing. As the weeks and months passed, she knew that her mommy was really pregnant and always asked to see and feel her brother inside my tummy. She was a proud sister-to-be, who couldn’t wait for her baby brother to arrive.

Dot was excited when Daniel came home for the first time, but at the same time, she was also a little loss with her new role. She didn’t know how to touch and response to her brother. She soon realizes that she can no longer have her daddy’s and mommy’s time and attention anytime she wants.


Dot asked to take a picture holding her brother’s hand.

As the weeks pass, she learns to exercise self-control over the volume of her voice, though she still has much room for improvement; she learns that she can’t hug or touch his head too hard; and she learns to fold hers, ours and brother’s clothes and so on.

Dot is my extra pair of hands at home when I need her to help me to pacify him when I need to prepare lunch or even go the bathroom. She will bring out her musical instruments to catch her brother’s attention, sing, talk to him, do anything to make him stop crying. For this, I’m thankful.

She loves spending time with her baby brother. When she finds him awake, she will talk to him, play with him, and even pretend that both of them are in space watching the stars. Her brother is also her patient when she pretends to be a doctor.


Dot and Daniel pretend to be in space watching the stars!

When we are outdoor, she is so protective of her baby brother that she would not allow anyone to even take a peep at her brother. Now she is much better, though still wary of strangers looking at her brother. In a taxi, she always wants to sit beside her brother so that she can touch and kiss him.

When I see Dot’s extravagant love for her brother, my heart is overwhelmed and thankful.

My precious number one, mommy loves you very much, and now even more.