This post is written by Dot’s daddy

When I was a child, one of my favorite outdoor adventures was catching little fishes with my school friends after our classes.

Whenever I share these childhood stories with Dot, she will always ask me to bring her there to fish.


I decided to bring her for a fishing adventure at one of my regular ‘fishing’ locations. When we arrived there, we spotted many small fishes in the canal. Dot was excited to start her first fishing adventure. She spotted a smaller connecting drain which we used to descend to the canal where the water was flowing along.

We didn’t have any fishing net, so we just made do with a slightly rusty kitchen strainer to catch the fish. It would be discarded after our adventure.


Dot held the strainer in the water while I chased the fishes toward her direction. Within minutes, Dot caught many fishes. I carefully sorted the fishes to keep a few male, female fishes and some babies and release the rest.

This was our catch.


One evening, about 2 weeks after the catch, Dot noticed a pregnant fish with a big tummy. She suggested to separate the mommy fish from the other fishes and I am glad that I did so.

This was what we captured on the video the next morning!


* For safety reason, fishing at the canal should not be done alone by the child. It must always be accompanied by adult during non-rainy season.

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