The day she planned her dad’s birthday celebration

Dot takes birthday celebration very seriously. To her, a birthday boy or girl must have a birthday cake and a present.

She planned and prepared her dad’s birthday celebration almost single-handedly that day.

On the day of her dad’s birthday, she decorated and prepared a present for her dad – a box filled with things that she own. She wanted me to bring her to the mall to decorate a cake for her dad like what she did for her own birthday but was declined by me. To manage a child and an infant at the mall on my own was something that I have not done and I was not really prepared for it.

When she woke up from her afternoon nap, she came to my room and said that she wanted to go out to buy a cake for her dad instead. As I was busy doing some work, I deferred her request. After much persuasion (or pestering), we finally made our way out to a confectionary shop across the street to get a cake for her dad. She looked around and decided  to buy a spiderman cake for her dad and a little chocolate cake for herself. We walked back home while I pushed the stroller with a baby sleeping soundly inside.

When we reached home, we put her dad’s cake inside the fridge. Then Dot said she wanted to decorate the house with birthday bunting and even asked me whether we had birthday poppers so that we could give her dad a birthday surprise when he opened the door. As her baby brother was fussing during that time, we couldn’t complete the artwork and decorate our house. Dot was really very upset.

Then she said,”Papa likes our house to be clean.” So she went about picking up loose bits of papers and things on the table and floor, arranging the chairs, keeping our living room really neat and tidy, all by herself at her own initiative.

I watched with pride as she kept the living room spick and span. The little details and thoughts that she put into her planning was amazing for a 5-year-old girl. She added her finishing touches by placing three seats in front of the coffee table, followed by three cups of water in front of the seats. She even assigned the seats for herself, her dad and I.

While she went about doing all the preparation, I sent a short message to her dad saying,”Your daughter really loves you very much.”

“I’m very excited. When is papa coming home?” Dot asked several times and taking several peeps at the birthday cake in fridge.


When her dad finally reached home, we sang a birthday song and Dot also prayed a blessing for her dad.

A simple celebration filled with so much love from our little girl!

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