A birthday blessing tradition for our child

Before Dot turned 5 earlier this year,  Jay and I discussed that we would like to spend some personal time celebrating her birthday instead of throwing a party for her, like what we did for her when she was younger. We planned to go to Legoland Malaysia or horse-riding in Malaysia, but later dismissed the ideas as I would be entering the third trimester of my pregnancy.

A child’s birthday celebration can be done in so many ways, but we do not want our child to feel that she is entitled to have an elaborate celebration every year.

As the day drew near, we were running out of ideas what we could do to give her a more meaningful birthday. Just a few days before her birthday, I was very blessed to receive this article, “Birthday traditions that bless your child” in my email inbox. For the past birthday celebrations, our focus was mainly on our guests and party preparation – how the adults and children could enjoy themselves in the parties. We had never really focused on how we could bless Dot in a way that is spiritually meaningful.

Dot’s dad took one day leave from work, a day before her actual birthday, and brought her out for a swim in the morning. After their morning dip, we headed for lunch at Dot’s favourite restaurant and thereafter, she spent one hour standing on a stool decorating her own personal birthday cake at The Icing Room. We were amazed that she could give 100% of her undivided attention designing her cake and the perseverance to stand there for one hour.


Dot was so proud of her final artwork, which consisted of a garden of flowers, trees, erupting volcanoes, mountains, swimming pool, stones and so on.



In the evening, we brought Dot’s cake and celebrated her birthday together with her grandparents, aunt and uncle. She was so shy when we sang birthday songs for her.

Before she turned in for the night, she drew a picture of us celebrating birthday with her and said to us, “I’m very happy today. Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me.”


The next day, her actual birthday, we designed a simple birthday card and wrote our heartfelt message to assure her of our love and God’s love for her and His wonderful work in her life.

I put her card into our mailbox, as she loves to receive letters in a mailbox. When she opened the mailbox later in the day, the surprised look on her face spoke volume. She was so grateful to have a card specially made for her. I read the card for her and prayed a blessing over her.

We will make it a birthday blessing tradition to pray for her and write her a card every year so that she could read them again on her own when she is older.


We also received a card made by her for us, thanking us for the card we gave her.

A few days later, Dot also received these beautiful gifts in the mailbox from her friends. Homemade cards are so precious, especially cards made by children!


A celebration that focuses on blessing the heart of our child really touches her heart, we could feel it too.

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