Day 7 : Sydney Fish Market

20 Jun 2014

Sydney Fish Market – Australian National Maritime Museum – Paddy’s Market

The fathers went out early in the morning to to return the rented car.

While waiting for the fathers, the children played together in the room and at the lobby. Simple things make the children so happy and delightful! How I wish I was a child again!



We took a relatively long walk from our hotel to Sydney Fish Market, which is very near to Darling harbour. At the Sydney Fish Market, I noticed there were more asian visitors than caucasians.







We had our fish and chips, fruit yogurt and Greek salad lunch there. We sat in the open under a big umbrella and there were several seagulls flying around, waiting to have a peck at the food. Our fish was even pecked by one of the seagulls. We couldn’t have a peaceful meal and were always on our guard against them!


At the fish market, I bought a box of fresh figs (Aud30 for 40 figs), which I carried from late morning till evening. It was a bad decision to want to bring these figs back to Singapore, as I didn’t know that they were so fragile and easily bruised. More than 50% turned bad by the time they reached Singapore.


We walked from Sydney Fish Market to the Australian National Maritime Museum. It was so easy to walk in cool weather. We would not be able to do that in our hot and humid Singapore.


We found that the Maritime exhibits were not suitable for children below five so we just took a few shots there.


As the sky started to turn grey and drizzled, Jay asked a bus driver, who was just outside the museum, for direction, and he was so kind to offer us a ride to the bus-stop where we could take another bus to Paddy’s Market.

While on the bus, I was sitting alone on one of the 3-seater chair. A couple with a baby on stroller boarded the bus, flipped two of the seats back, parked her stroller at the space where the two seats were. I was pleasantly surprised by this feature within the public bus in Sydney.

After we alighted, we waited for another busy before we headed for Paddy’s Market, where we spent our last couple of hours shopping at the Market City.

After our dinner, we took a stroll back to our hotel, packed our luggages and rest for the day.

21 Jun 2014 – Home Sweet Home

The next day, after we had our breakfast, made with the lettuce, eggs and bread we brought from Blue Mountains, we went to the lobby to wait for the shuttle to bring us to the airport.


It had been a fruitful and blessed vacation. The weather is great – not as cold as we expected. The two-hour time difference between Singapore and Sydney is easy for us and the children to adapt. All of us enjoyed one another company greatly! The children love this trip very much!

Dot loves this trip so much that she didn’t want to go home. What made this trip special for her were the close interaction she had with the kangaroos at Featherdale Wildlife Park, the farm animals and dogs at Bilpin Springs Lodge.

On her last night at Bilpin, she almost cried when her dad told her that we were leaving the lodge. She loves Coolpa, the 2-year old friendly black dog so much that she said that Coolpa was her pet and she wanted to be back again to see him.

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