Day 6 : Departing from Bilpin to Sydney

19 Jun 2014

Departing from Bilpin Springs Lodge

We woke up earlier so that we could spend our last few hours enjoying the morning fresh air and chirping of the birds at the lodge. I took my cup of hot chocolate and went out to enjoy the cool weather while Dot walked down the steps and out into the green field towards Charlie, the pony.

Dot and her dad spent some time with the pony, chickens and Dot’s favourite black dog, Coolpa.

Before we checked out from the lodge, the children had fun bouncing and jumping on the trampoline at the shed. Jay did a stunt to show the children and even helped them to do somersaults.


This is where we had the bonfire the night before.


We took a picture with Coola, the overweight dog who is already more than 12 years old.


The night before, we told Dot that we would be leaving the lodge. She almost teared and was unwilling to leave. She loves the lodge, the surrounding, the animals and especially Coolpa.

After cleaning up the kitchen and getting all our luggages ready in the car, we bid farewell to Kath, Coola and Coolpa.



Mount Tomah Botanic Garden

Mount Tomah Botanic Garden is a short drive from the lodge. We had a short stroll amidst the native flora and fauna.

botanic-garden8 botanic-garden7 botanic-garden6 botanic-garden5 botanic-garden4 botanic-garden3 botanic-garden2 botanic-garden

Lunch & Dandelion

After the garden visit, we drove to a local cafe for our lunch. We had chicken avocado burger, pumpkin soup and apple pie with ice-cream. I also bought hillbilly apple cider drink, which we like very much. How I wish I could buy some bottles back.


After lunch, we happened to see many dandelions on the field. The children went crazy picking and blowing them away.


On our way to Sydney

On route to Sydney City, we dropped by Kurrajong village centre to get a few bottles of wine.

Throughout the journey, Dot and Joel were chatting away and pretend play at the back seats. Dot had a new name called April and Joel was called Jake. They had a plush toy friend called Elisitoto. It was amusing to hear their non-sensicial  and made-up conversation.

Finally after about an hour of non-stop chatting, the children quiet down and fell asleep.

We dropped by Woolloomoo to buy tomatoes, bread, muesli bars and bananas for our next day breakfast and snacks.

Then we went to Paddy’s market for our dinner then drove back to our hotel for our rest.

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