Day 5 : The Three Sisters and Scenic World, Katoomba

18 Jun 2014  

The Three Sisters and Scenic World at Katoomba


After our breakfast at the lodge, we walked to another bigger pond to fish. Coolpa went with us. Along the way, Dot was trying to play the role of “owner”, commanding Coolpa to follow her. The pond was surrounded by tall green trees and the still water showed beautiful reflection of the trees on the water. Although after trying to fish for a while, nothing snapped on the fishing line, we enjoyed the tranquility and unhurried time there.

The Three Sisters


We drove to Echo Point Katoomba to have a good view of The Three Sisters. This unique rock formation attracts a lot of visitors. After taking plenty of shots with this magnificient landmark, we had our lunch at a cafe and then departed for Scenic World.





Scenic World

Scenic World is a short drive away from Three Sisters.  We went on the 51 degree railway, skyway and Cableway. We also walked in the chilly forest. Dot loved it so much that she took three railway rides and wanted more.






After spending about 2 to 3 hours at Scenic World, we drove back from Katoomba to Bilpin, which took about one hour. The sky was already dark when we reached our lodge and we had to quickly prepare dinner for the children as they were getting cranky from their missed nap.

Bonfire at Bilpin

As it was our last night at the lodge, Jay suggested that we could start a bonfire outside. He gathered some logs and put the fire starter and a lighter in a basket. Dot volunteered to be his helper. He went out with Dot in the cold dark night to start the bonfire. My brave little girl was not scared of the cold dark night. She used her dad’s phone to light the way and made their way to the spot for bonfire. It was a fun experience for the children to light up the bonfire!

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