Alive Museum at Suntec City

3D street art is getting popular in Singapore. It amazes me how much depth, details and calculation go into producing all the artworks to create the 3D effects when view from a certain perspective. We must give credit to Paolo Uccello (born Paolo di Dono, 1397 – December 10, 1475), an Italian painter and mathematican for his pioneering work on visual perspective in art.

Recently, we were privileged to be invited to Alive Museum to enjoy the 3D illusionary art pieces showcased in this Korea’s biggest chain of Illusionary Entertainment Museum. It took us about one and a half hour to finish all the exhibits. And it was really fun to be part of the art pieces. We were surprised and amused by several trick art and digital art.

These are some of our fun shots!

alive-museum-angel alive-museum-bird alive-museum-boat alive-museum-canoe alive-museum-circus alive-museum-david alive-museum-elephant alive-museum-hammer alive-museum-kick alive-museum-kungfu alive-museum-mermaid alive-museum-michael-jackson alive-museum-penguins

For more information about Alive Museum, please visit their website at

Disclaimer : We were given three complimentary tickets to explore Alive Museum. No monetary compensation is given.

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