Day 1 : Sydney, here we come!

We just came back from a 7-day winter holiday trip to Sydney with Kuan Loong, Kelly and their two lovely children. Winter in Sydney is different – no snow, only cool weather, sometimes a little chilly. It was a great escape from the warm and humid weather we have back home in Singapore.

God has been good to us throughout our journey – the weather was good, the children were happy and well. We are thankful that we were able to travel together with our good friends and our children – it’s a blessing. All of us enjoyed ourselves very much. It was one of the best trip we did together, though I wished we could stay at Blue Mountains longer to enjoy the beautiful lodge that we only stayed for three nights.

14 Jun 2014
Singapore – Sydney

We managed to tuck Dot in to bed early to catch at least a few hours of sleep before our past-midnight flight to Sydney. We wanted to take MRT to Changi airport but the last train to Changi airport had left before our train reached Tanah Merah station. We had to lug our two big luggages to the taxi stand to catch a taxi to Changi airport and we arrived there at 1230am.

When Dot met his friends at the airport, they were so excited and happy to go on a trip together again. We went on a trip to Cameron Highlands last year and it was great fun.

While we were in the line waiting to check-in at the counter, we bumped into a friend whom we had not met for along time. He and his wife were going to Sydney too.

The excitement within the children could not be contained. They were so active and excited until they hit the airplane seats. After the aircraft took off, Dot finally fell asleep.

I prayed for a safe flight to Sydney and took a short rest.

prunenurture-sydneyWe arrived at Sydney at 12 noon (local time). The weather was cool and it was still manageable for us and the children. The Airbus shuttle service, which Kelly helped to arrange prior our trip, picked us from airport to Aspire hotel, where we stayed when we were in Sydney.

After we dropped off our luggages, we had our lunch at a small Chinese cafe nearby, which was operated by a Hong Kong couple who have stayed in Sydney for about 30 years.

prunenurture-sydney2We chose to stay near Chinatown so that we could easily find food that our children could easily accept.

After lunch, we took a slow walk towards Sydney’s Paddy’s markets, which is within the Chinatown in Sydney.

The children enjoyed picking the dried leaves along the walkway.

Dot-sydney1The adults also joined in the fun!

prunenurture-sydney3It was an enjoyable walk to Paddy’s Markets. With the children stopping at intervals, it took us about 15 to 20 minutes to reach there.


Kuan Loong took this beautiful picture when he was in the middle of the road. Empty? No moving vehicle? How can it be?

prunenurture-paddymarketAt Paddy’s Markets, we saw a lot of Asians especially Chinese selling fresh produce and tourist souvenirs.

paddy-marketI love the sight of the fresh local produce. I wish I could buy them and bring them home.


We bought bananas at Paddy’s Markets – an easy fruit to eat on the go.¬†Generally the fresh produce there is cheaper than those in the supermarkets.

sydney-paddy-marketI checked out the Herbs & Spices online and learn that there are different types of cinnamon. The Cassia cinnamon is commonly found in supermarkets while the premium Ceylon cinnamon, which originates from Sri Lanka, is not easily available. According to research, ceylon cinnamon is the healthier choice. You can find out more, if you are interested.



We crossed the road just outside Paddy’s markets and came a street where we found several chinese restaurants and a bakery.


We saw a long queue of people lining up for the emperor’s puffs. Jay decided to get in the queue to try them too. It tasted like warm custard puff.


The sky turns dark by 5.30pm. After a long day, we were all tired and we had an early rest.

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  1. My girls loved disturbing the dried leaves on the floor too, more like kicking and using legs to sweep the leaves. Think the touching/rubbing gave them sensation joy. Love the picture of Dot picking up the dried leaves;).

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