NParks heART for Nature workshop

26 April 2014

It was weekend morning. What a great start of the day at the Bukit Batok Nature Park. Dot and I were there for picnic more than one year ago and we really like this park. This time, we were there to learn more about the birds living there in the NParks heART for Nature workshop.

We were there 45 minutes early so we decided to walk around. While walking along the path, I noticed something moving at the branches on my right side. Guess what. We saw three daring white crested laughing thrushes leaping among the branches. One of them even came 30 centimetres close to us. We were all very thrilled to have such close encounter with the birds.

As we continued our walk, Dot saw a little stream and went there with her daddy to observe the life in the water. There, we saw clusters of beautiful white flowers and even saw a bee collecting nectar.

The workshop started at 930am with a brief introduction of the birds at the park. Then we went on a walk in search of the birds. We heard the birds but didn’t get to see them.

We were led to a shelter area where the children could sit down and enjoyed the story-telling session based on the book, “Mama built a little nest” by Jennifer Ward and Steve Jenkins.


After storytelling, the children were given materials to create a black racket tailed drongo, and even a nest with eggs.

We learnt that the black racket tailed drongo is a native bird in Singapore.

artcraftThis nest is made of newspaper and the eggs are cherry tomatoes.

nest3This is Dot’s black racket tailed drongo resting on its nest.

black-racket-tailed-drongoThe children were also shown real bird nests that were abandoned and found on the ground.


This nest (above) belongs to an olive winged bulbul, while the other nest (below) belongs to a sunbird.

nestAnd the fun workshop ended with finger painting. I finger painted a few trees too.


Keen to sign up a workshop for your child? There are still many interesting heART for Nature workshops for children 5-7 year old in various nature parks in Singapore. Find a suitable day and register here.


  1. Oh, I’ve seen both these nests in the plant outside my house! Thanks for sharing – will try to sign up for one of these sessions with Noey.

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