Sports and outdoor activities I did when I was young

I’m thankful that my parents always made time to bring us outdoor and even for short trips to Malaysia, though we were not well-to-do and my father as a sole breadwinner had to work two shifts to make ends meet. It touches my heart to learn from my mom that my father though he was tired physically from his long working hours, still made time to bring us out during our younger days.

I believe my outdoor exposure during our younger days influence the choices I made as I grow up. I remembered having to make a choice for my Extra Curriculum Activities (ECA) in my secondary school days. I reckoned that since I came in second or third in a run in my primary school event, I should be able to run. So I decided to join the athletic club.

Though I was not a star runner in my school, running has taught me how to persevere especially when I ran long distance; and what it means to be disciplined to improve my performance through weight-training and running in varied terrains to train the different sets of muscles.


I always remember these words from my coach, though not in exact wordings,”Discipline will get you far in life.”

After all these years, jogging is the only sport that my family and I have been doing consistently. Thankful that we live just a stone throw from a sport complex.

I have been reading “Let them be eaten by bears” by Peter Brown Hoffmeister. It brought back fond memories of my younger days when I hiked our at Bukit Timah Hill, pitched a tent and camped overnight at Pulau Ubin, trekked and camped at Mount Ophir, kayaked in a river with strong undercurrents, my experience with leeches that sucked the blood out of you and many more.


I want to go outdoor and sleep in the wild again. I will have to find an opportunity to do that with my family one day.

This is the first post of “Those were the days” series. A group of mothers will be sharing their stories. We hope that through this series, our families can have more ideas, inspired to be physically active and bond with our loved ones through sports and outdoor activities. If you would like to share your stories or contribute an article, just drop me an email.

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