10 favourite books for 3 to 4 years old

Books are my favourite things, and Dot’s.

We started reading to Dot when she was very young, from simple board books to picture books. We read on the train, at home, at the library or anywhere where we can have a book read aloud.

Dot loves reading every time before her sleep. It has become a habit that is hard to break.

Regular reading has helped her in her linguistic skill. She can express her thoughts and emotions through words and sometimes she can also relate her personal feelings and experiences to the characters in the books.

I will encourage her to read aloud together with me when she can recognize some of the words in the books.

These are Dot’s 10 favourite books in 2013, which she has been read to many times; and still loving them.

Now one foot now the other
Tomie Depaola
A heartwarming story about a love between a little boy and his grandfather. They developed very intimate and strong relationship during the boy’s growing up years. The strength of their relationship was proven strong when the boy helped his grandfather to recover from his sickness. They taught each other to take one foot and the other.

The story of Ping
Majorie Flack & Kurt Wiese
Adventure of the little yellow duck, Ping. It lost his family when it went on its own way to escape being punished. Ping went through a lot of troubles and thankfully at the end, Ping managed to reconcile with his family.

The runaway bunny
Margaret Wise Brown
The wildest imagination of a little bunny; and the tenacious love of a mother.

The big green pocketbook
Candice Ranson & Felicia Bond
A little girl collected many things in her green pocketbook, while shopping with her mother. She left her pocketbook on the bus when she was on her way home. She was so upset. When the kind bus-driver dropped her pocketbook in their mail box, she was so grateful that she drew something for the bus-driver.

Katie and the starry night
James Mayhew
Dot’s first introduction to five famous masterpieces of Vincent Van Gogh. A clever plot that makes reading so engaging and full of life. We also did an activity to raise the awareness of print based on this book.

Oh what a busy day
Gyo Fujikawa
A beautiful book that goes from morning till night, completely capturing a child’s world along the way. It is filled with silly jingles and fun rhymes that Dot finds them very amusing. A book full of fun, imaginative ideas and little nuggets of lessons on kindness and friendship.

Are you my friend today
Gyo Fujikawa
This book captures the joy of childhood camaraderie and play – from pet parades and imaginary zoos to backyard picnics, summer swims, and running barefoot through the grass. The children occasionally argue but always make up again!

Wonders of Nature
Jane Werner Watson & Eloise Wilkin
“Isn’t it a wonder that some seeds have wings and some have tiny silken parachutes and some seeds are hidden away in fruits…Isn’t it a wonder that a little baby that couldn’t walk or talk or feed itself should grow up to be you?”One of the rare non-ficition books that captures Dot’s attention for a long time. We read this book more than 15 times and she is still loving it.

Love my neighbour
Melody Carlson
I bought this beautifully illustrated book for less than $2 at Evernew Bookstore, a second hand book at Bras Basah Complex. A good buy for a book that looks as good as new.

The Hat Who Was Left Behind
Celine Lamour-Crochet
A hat, who lost its owner, travelled great distance in all kinds of weather conditions away from her beloved owner. It missed its owner badly and found itself becoming a home for a family of hedgehogs.

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