A new grocery shopping experience at the Weekend Farm

Buying fresh produce is my favourite pastime as my family juices raw vegetables and fruits almost daily. When I go to supermarket, the usual places you can find me are the fresh vegetable and fruits section. And I shop online for organic fresh produce too.

I was happy that my sister brought us to the Weekend farm, which opens only during weekends and public holidays, to buy some fresh vegetables and fruits.The produce here are fresher than those in the supermarkets and some varieties cannot be found in the supermarkets.

I suggested to my mom that we should buy some bitter-gourds to juice. But she dismissed my suggestion. haha!

As we explored further inside the farm, we see different varieties of crops like cucumbers, bittergourds, papayas, and green vegetables.

It was my first time seeing so many fruitful papaya trees. Amazing, aren’t they?

Greens are not Dot’s interest. She is more interested in the cute little kitten she spotted in a corner; the goats, the birds, ducks in the cages and the fishes in the pond.

She was having fun pushing the trolley to the animal section. Then she wanted to get up on the trolley and asked me to push her around like when she is in the supermarket.

She was afraid of getting too near to the goats. Fearing that these creatures would bite her, I guess.

It was a new grocery shopping experience for me in a farm. Dot had fun watching the animals in the farm with her dad, while I shopped for the grocery.

However, it is only convenient to visit this farm if you have your own transport. Otherwise, it will be difficult to take public transport.

We are very blessed to have my sister always bringing us to interesting places in Singapore. Thank you, sis!

This is part 3 of the 5 series of posts on “Children’s Fashion“. Dot’s outfit is sponsored by Pumpkin Patch Singapore.

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