Day 3: Splashing good time at Equatorial Hotel, Cameron Highlands

27 September 2013

The sky was very misty in morning when we looked out from the verandah while having our breakfast. I could hardly see anything beyond probably about 30 metres. Later, I learnt that we had heavy rain that morning.

Thank God, we had nothing planned that morning. Our agro-farm tour was in the afternoon.

After our breakfast, Jay and Dot decided to go for dip in the indoor swimming pool.

The pool was empty when we stepped in. It was great to have the whole indoor pool to ourselves. Dot and J could play uninhibited and I could snap all I want without fear of infringing on other people’s privacy.

My water baby had a splashing good time at the pool with her daddy while I was snapped away with my DLSR camera.

Dot and Jay only played at the pool for about 30 minutes. We had to leave because Dot was getting a little cold though she was wearing her thermal swimwear.

I couldn’t help but smiled when I browsed through this set of pictures. The memories of her hearty laughter echoing in the indoor pool kept replaying in my mind.

Here are some of the fun shots.

She jumped into the water many times, having faith that her daddy would catch her.

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