Day 2: Mossy forest Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

More than three years ago, Jay and I were here with my parents and in-laws at this cloud forest , which is also called mossy forest. Earlier this year, we also went to a man-made cloud forest at Garden by the Bay.

This time, we brought our children who are between two to five years old into this green mossy forest. It was a challenge bringing our children for trekking in the mossy forest but surprisingly, our children were very excited to trek in this forest, especially Joel.

Our guide gave us a brief introduction of the mossy forest before we went on a short trek.

It was like entering a mysterious green fantasy world with the rich layer of the green mosses draping all the over the tree trunks and buttresses.

Unlike the tropical rainforest we went to, there is no mosquito buzzing around us and the trek was literally no sweat due to the cool condition.

As we walked deeper into the forest, the temperature suddenly dropped and it got a little chilly for me. So worried that my little girl, whom I forgot to put on her jacket, would catch a cold. Probably the constant moving warmed her body, she did not utter a single word that she was cold.

These leaves are very “special”. Our guide scraped “golden” powder off the surface of the leaf. He said this powder can be used as eye-shadow. Want to try?

This is the boundary stone to define the border between the state of Perak and Pahang.

Mosses can store up a lot of water. If we were lost in the forest, mosses are a good source of drinking water. Jay allowed Dot to have a taste of the “mossy” water.

When the guide led us to the end of the trail and we took a group photo before we slowly trekked out of the forest.

All the children deserved a big hug for doing so well in this green mysterious fantasy-like mossy forest.

There were certain sections in the forest which were quite steep and grateful that we managed to bring our three children in and out of the forest unscathed.

Our shoes went in clean but came out soiled.

About Mossy Forest Brinchang

Mossy forest Brinchang is one the highest mountains in South East Asia. It is about 1600m above sea level. The environment is generally moist due to the frequent or seasonal low-level cloud cover which provides an ideal condition for mosses to thrive.

This forest not only provides drinking water to the people, it also has abundant source of herbal and medicinal plants like Tongkak Ali and the famous ‘Kacip Fatimah’. We can also see flowers and pitcher plants of various sizes perched from the branches of the trees.

It is dangerous to explore this forest at night. The temperature can swing between 3-5 degrees celsius and the oxygen level will dropped significantly – there is only about 3-hour supply of oxygen at night.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the Mossy forest. I had always thought the forest would be carpeted by the green slippery moss, and had avoided it on our itinerary (both Cameron and Genting). Any slippery patches along your trek?

    thanks, Andy (SengkangBabies)

    1. Hi Sengkangbabies, thanks for visiting. I think the right footwear is important if we are to go for trekking. We were trekking relatively slowly as we had children with us. None of us fell, thank God. The children walked on their own for quite a while except for the steep climb or descent. Overall, it was a good experience for them. The temperature in the forest can suddenly drop so it’s better to have extra clothes on – long sleeves and long pants, in case there are falls n scratches.

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