God bless this nation Singapore

Stone painting using acrylic paint.

Happy 48th birthday, Singapore!

I couldn’t help but feel a sense of patriotism whenever I see people – young and old – donning red and white.

I’m grateful and proud to be a Singaporean. I pray that God will continually watch over and bless our nation.

Listen to this beautiful song, “God bless this nation Singapore“, I found on YouTube.

God bless this nation Singapore

Lyrics & Music by Margaret Chew, arranged by Clement Chow

God bless this nation Singapore
Hear your people
As we praise Your Holy Name

Though we call this isle our home
In our hearts it’s clearly known
By your throne
That’s where we want to be

God bless this nation Singapore
Let your spirit
Land upon our shores

We are your children of every race
Living daily by Your Grace
In Your Mercy
Touch us as we pray

God bless (God bless)
This nation You’ve created
God bless (God bless)
Our home

You are our strength, our hope
Our joy and peace
Light us like a candle
As we fall upon our knees

God bless this nation Singapore
Help us to grow
And learn to love you more

To be humble, to be brave
To give You glory all our days
In our thoughts
In our life, our words, our deeds

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