Teaching our child to plan

Weekends, especially on Saturdays, are usually father and daughter’s bonding time. J will usually spend one-to-one time in the morning with Dot by bringing her out for cycling, swimming, shopping for groceries, watching the birds, plants and insects or activities that J could think of that morning.

J will plan and share with Dot their itinerary for the day. After a while, Dot starts asking me what we are going to do next and next. Sometimes, she will also tell me her personal plan on how she is going to do certain activities.

Recently we bought her a plain clay rabbit coin box where Dot can exercise her creativity by colouring it.

Before she started painting, Dot’s dad gave me a sheet of paper that he wrote and asked me to plan together with Dot what colours she wanted to paint her rabbit. I went through the planning stage with her before she started painting. Reminding and guiding her as she painted her rabbit. Thankfully the rabbit was quite decently done by her. It was left to dry before she started transferring some coins from her piggy bank to this new coin box.

Why teach our child how to plan

Children live in the moment. If I leave Dot to colour her rabbit without going through the planning phase, her work would most likely be random and messy. Learning to plan at an early age will help her to learn to think ahead and ultimately as she grows up, to learn to prioritize her time and life. It is a life skill, I hope we can help our child to develop and grow.

Of course, there is still room for spontaneity and that in life there are still elements that are beyond us that we can’t plan for.


  1. This is a really nice way to teach kids how to plan things out! 🙂 I really believe in teaching our kids step by step of the things they will have to strongly and maturely face one day than keeping them pampered all the time. Thanks for sharing!

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