Our first 3-generational family tour to China

It had been more than five year since I last visited China on my own and more than nine years since I last travelled together with my parents and siblings. Late last year, Jay and I decided that we should organize a family trip for our parents and packaged tour was the best option for us.

My siblings found a 8-day gourmet tour package with Chan Brothers to China with the celebrity chef Eric Teo. After consulting and seeking agreement from my parents and in-laws, we finally bought this package for eight adults and one child.

Two months before the trip, the news about the bird flu situation in China caused some uncertainties and fears whether we should go ahead with our China trip. A few weeks later, my mom fell sick and was even admitted to the hospital for a week. Even the day before our departure, Dot suddenly had cough and slight fever. Thankfully, she had no fever and her incessant coughing was better the next day.

The much-feared bird flu outbreak was under controlled when we were in China. Thank God for His protection and favour upon our lives.

One of the most rewarding takeaway I had from this trip was to know about this book, Discipline and love.

It was a fun and enriching trip as a BIG family. The trip there definitely deepened my understanding about China and stirred up my interest to learn more about China and their thousands of years of history. I am more determined to read more Chinese books to Dot too.

After our trip, a friend sent a message to us when she saw a picture of us eating the delicious xiao long bao in Shanghai at Chan Brothers’ Facebook.

Our route for this trip :  Shanghai РHangzhou РYangzhou РWuxi РSuzhou РWuzhen Xizha РShanghai.

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