The world at our fingertips

Dot has been playing with the Animals! GeoPuzzle for a while and she is getting pretty good at it with practice. She could easily finish this 48-piece puzzles with little help from me.

To stimulate her learning, Dot’s dad took our big world map from our study room, chose a few of Dot’s animal toys and animal stickers; and brought them to our living room.

He went through some of the pages in National Geographic for Kids. Then he asked Dot to locate her animals’ homeland.

Recently J found a travel book on the beautiful places in China. We will try to go through before our China trip which is less than two months time. Look forward to a fun and fruitful trip with my parents, in-laws and siblings.



  1. Oh I love China! How fun and nice that you are travelling with family. I like to chat about places before we visit them too. Great way to introduce the world to them.

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