A cardboard doll house for her little friends

Recently, Dot’s aunt gave her a bag of little animal toys that consists of koalas, sheep and a kangaroo. As soon they were brought home, the “homeless” animals were soon scattered all over the table and floor. I thought it would be good to build a proper house for them. Since Dot was having a one week break from her kindergarten, we had time in the morning to create a doll house using cardboard.

We took a relatively big cardboard box and starting cutting, decorating and pasting the interior design of the three-storey doll house. Dot doodled a bit here and there on the cardboard and helped to glue the wall paper for the rooms.

Dot prepared some food for her rabbits and squrriel before they eventually occupied the top floor of the doll house.

I cut and pasted the cardboard together to make this sofa. Dot painted attentively and carefully the little cardboard sofa. I gave it a little touch-up before drying it.

I cut a few windows and a main door at the sides. Light can pass through windos to the rooms, which otherwise will be a little dark.

This is the top floor of the doll house where Dot’s little friends sat in the comfortable cardboard sofa and little cushion. Dot wanted some cotton as carpet for her dog. Her couple sheep were having their tea and carrot.

Dot moved her little friends around the doll house and had great time playing with her homemade version, saving her parents hundreds of dollars.

It was a fun project creating this little space for her little friends.

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