Letter #2 to Bridge of Hope Children

With Chinese New Year looming nearer and nearer, spring cleaning is the top to-do-task. I was spring cleaning this morning and I saw the few letters we received from the Bridge of Hope children whom we sponsor on my desk . They have been sitting there on my desk for months waiting for us to reply to the children. Today, I just felt led to reply all of them.

How can I forget about the children? Though the Dalits are discriminated and prejudiced in South Asia, they are so precious in God’s eyes.

I decided to do something special for them this time. I took out my scrapbook materials, Ang baos, scissors and glue and made them these simple handmade cards, which I hope will touch these little hearts.

After I finished making and writing on these cards, I imagined the facial expression of the children – the delight and joy of receiving something handmade.

I hope they will not feel that they are forgotten by us. I pray that deep in their hearts, they know that they are truly treasured and loved by our Father in heaven.

To find out more about:
Gospel For Asia
– This book, “Revolution in World Missions“, which inspires us and led us to sponsor the Bridge of Hope children


  1. Wow, you sponsor 6 children? That’s very inspiring! I’ve not heard of this organisation before. I’m more familiar with World Vision for child sponsorship. Thanks for sharing. Will check out their website. I believe the children will be thrilled to receive your cards!

  2. Thank you for sharing this site. I’ve been thinking of sponsoring a child for sometime and this is a timely reminder to get down to doing it! Very thoughtful of you to make these cards for them. They are really pretty and I’m sure the kids will be so touched.

    1. Hi Dee, just wanted to thank you for being an inspiration. I have also signed up as a child sponsor with GFA. 🙂

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