New exercise routine?

Last year, I only exercised once a week and some weeks I did not even jog. This year, I have resolved to exercise at least twice a week but I wondered how I am going to do it.

J suggested that after I send Dot to her pre-nursery class in the morning, which is a few bus-stops away from where we stay, I could jog home from her kindergarten. But with a bag to carry, it would be cumbersome to jog home. So far, I only went home once to do housework but I took a bus.

I thought of jogging in the morning at the running track just beside my parents’ flat after dropping her in school but the 9am sun is a bit too hot for me.

As Dot’s class is only three hours, it is more convenient to walk to my parents’ place, which is only five to ten minutes walk away, after sending Dot to school and wait for another 2 hours before I go and pick her again.

We have been bringing Dot to the sports complex since she was about five month old so that J and I can jog during weekends.

Before Dot attended pre-nursery, I brought her out in the morning to cycle and play at the playground for an hour. Now that she is in pre-nursery in the morning, she does not exercise as much daily. Recently, I start to bring her down together with me to jog and exercise after her nap and a bottle of milk.

The weather is good these few days. I am so happy that we could jog and exercise almost every day. We jog, walk, work out some muscles at the exercise corner. Dot can easily run 300m non-stop now. On our way back, she like to touch and see the mimosa plants shut their leaves, and pick some little flowers at the sides.

Recently, my brother and mother also join us in the evening for exercise. It’s so good to exercise together. It helps to keep us motivated.

Your bones, joints and muscles – especially your heart – will actually stay younger if you keep them busy. If you are not physically active you increase your health risks in many ways. – quote from BBC Healthy Living

I hope this will be a new exercise routine for us during weekdays – a good exercise habit that I would like Dot and I to have for this year!

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