A brave girl’s encounter with a spider at Jurong Bird Park

Dot’s dad promised that he would bring her to Jurong Bird Park after her pre-nursery class, off we went to one of her favourite parks in Singapore.

Before she had her lunch, she asked her dad to take pictures of her.

It was already noon when we reached the entrance of Jurong Bird Park and I had to quickly feed Dot her lunch and changed her outfit before we went in.

As time was tight, we only planned to cover the waterfall aviary and the bird show, and then returned home for Dot’s nap.

Dot ran to the pond just outside the main entrance and a black swan picked on Dot’s pink rubber shoes. Dot looked on and did not even move. After that she ran to me and proudly said, “Dot is so brave. The swan touched my shoes.”

On the way…

I took a rest at the Pelican Cove while J took Dot for a walk to see the pelicans.

African Waterfall Aviary

The beautiful birds and waterfall were not the highlight of our visit but a tiny and yet stunning female fighting spider.

J, who used to play with the fighting spider when he was young, spotted a female fighting spider on a leaf and led it to his hand.

A female fighting spider

As we looked on, J picked an ant and threw it on its palm and the fighting spider leaped onto the ant in a flash. It must be very happy to have a free meal!

Dot and I were thrilled to see the spider feasting on its free meal. It was our first time watching this. Dot was very fascinated yet afraid of it.

When J released it back to its natural habitat, Dot decided to be brave to allow this spider onto her hand. She asked her dad to catch the spider again and put it on her hand.

So proud that she is so brave to have a fighting spider on her hand.

J picked the spider and placed it on her hand. She then proudly said, “Dot is so brave. The spider didn’t bite me.”

J recorded a mini interview of Dot’s experience with the fighting spider.

J cautioned her, “Not all spiders are so friendly . Some spiders bite so don’t let any spider climb onto your hand.”

“The children nowadays rarely have such opportunity to have such close contact with spiders.” I told J.

The only bird we took picture of when we were at the waterfall aviary.

Along the way…

J showed Dot the heart-shaped leaves.
Checking out some leaves on the ground.

South East Asia Aviary

As we still had time before the bird show, we went into an aviary where birds found in South East Asia are kept. We have visited several times and this was my first time visiting this part of the bird park.

Dot was so excited to see these birds resting up close.

Dot saw some birds roaming freely while some are kept in cages. She asked, “Why the bird cannot come out?” Her dad replied, “They will fly away if they come out.” Looking at the birds in the cage, she exclaimed, “Poor thing!”

Dot followed after a roaming bird.

It was a pleasant surprise for us especially Dot to see these beautiful birds up close and personal.

Beautiful mandarin duck

High Fliers show

I only watched one version of the bird show after all my visits to the Bird Park. And that afternoon, we were pleasantly surprised to watch a new one called “High Fliers”. Though there are some adaptations from the previous one, it is still good to watch something different.

Dot was very entertained and kept asking her dad questions.

Before we headed home, Dot asked to see the owls and her wish was granted.


After our trip

After our Bird Park trip, she shared with her grandparents, uncle, aunt and even teacher in school her experience with the fighting spider and how brave she was to let it on her hand.

A brave girl indeed.


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