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Last week we received a box of goodies from Toddibox, which is packed with Christmas themed crafty, experimental, thinking, musical and reading activities. It is suitable for children from three to six years old.

All activities are pre-packed, except for the story book, in the box and are made up of these components:

  • Ten Fingers (Art and craft)
  • Test tube (Science activity)
  • Tempo and Beat (Music)
  • Thinking tots (Numeral and literacy)
  • A story book – “Russell’s Christmas Magic”

I am very excited to review and try these activities together with Dot.

#1. Reading Russell’s Christmas Magic

After we read ‘Russell’s Christmas Magic” to Dot once, she quickly went out of our bedroom in search of her Santa’s hat and the scarf to get into the mood of reading this book. Such is my dramatic toddler!

We had to on our air-conditioning so that she would be comfortable reading the book in her “winter wear”!


  • It is good to include a book in Toddibox to encourage reading.
  • It would make the learning experience more meaningful and interactive by providing some suggested activities after reading the book.
  • I look forward to more varied genres of books that will teach the children about life and values.

#2. Ten Finger – Christmas Tree

Dot and her playmate Jo did this activity together and they had fun creating this tree. After I took a picture of the final Christmas tree, Dot ripped off all the pom poms of the tree and kept them in her little container. She has in mind what she wants to do with the pom poms later!


  • A fun activity to entertain the children.
  • It is difficult to glue the pipe cleaner onto the paper and in the end the children encircled it around the cup.
  • The green paper is a bit flimsy and we have to place the Christmas tree against something to keep it upright.

#3. Thinking tots – Advent Calendar

Dot is still not able to manage the pegs so I asked her to pick the numbers for me to that I can peg them on the tinsel. After we completed this, I taped the tinsel on our door.


  • It will be a very meaningful activity when I put down my thoughts on what special activity I would like us to do each day as Christmas approaches.
  • We had a missing peg in our package so we did not peg one of the numbers on the tinsel.
  • It will be good to have a few extra pegs in the package.

#4. Ten fingers – Christmas wreath


  • A simple activity that Dot can do it easily on her own except for the rolling of the crepe paper on the pencil.
  • It will be more meaningful if there is explanation on the instruction sheet on the significance of Christmas wreath.

#5. Test tube – Making Crystal snowflake

My girl spilled some of the salt on the floor and we were left with some for this activity. After waiting for more than 24 hours, still no sign of crystal forming on the pipe cleaner.


  • The instruction sheet should also include the amount of water required when carrying out this little experiment.
  • It should also include the estimated amount of waiting time to see crystal forming on the pipe cleaner.

#6. Thinking tots – Memory game using number 6 to 10

Dot can recognise the numbers easily but more time need to be spent to help her to recognize the words.

She can count from one to ten now and it is a good activity to help her develop her memory ability.


  • The laminated cards have sharp edges and toddlers may accidentally cut themselves. It will be better if the edges are round instead.

#7. Thinking tots – Santa Claus


  • Before we can even start the literacy activity, we need to do a lot of cutting. It will be good if Toddibox can get all preparation work done so that we can get on with the activity immediately.

#8. Thinking toys – Let’s trim the tree


  • Similar to activity #7, a lot of cutting is required before we can start the activity.

#9. Tempo and beat

Review: Simple songs that parents and care-giver can easily teach their children.

Our Overall Review

For this review purpose, we used all the activity packs within a week which in normal circumstance should be able to last for a month.

It is especially useful for full-time working parents who do not have time to research on useful and meaningful activities to do with their children from three to six years old.

Promote creativity and intellectual development: It is a fun, enriching and purposeful experience for us though there are still room for improvement. The detailed review of each activity is mentioned above.

Children from 3 to 6 are in the stage of development where they mimic and play, I would like to suggest that some pretend activities can be included in the box. In this box, all the activities are home-based. It will be great to have outdoor activity packs too.

Aesthetic: More attention on the finishing details can be put to make the materials and the visuals more appealing.

Value for money: With the varied components and activities, it is definitely a good buy at S$39.95 per month. There are also different types of subscription packages.

January box Giveaway

Toddibox is kind to giveaway a January box for one of our readers residing in Singapore. All you need to do is to the followings by 20 December 2012 :

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  3. Leave a comment on this blog post

The lucky winner will be announced before 28 December 2012 on Prunenurture Facebook Page, Twitter and will be notified by email.

About Toddibox

The Toddibox team, comprises of a group of trained educators, who hand-selects and develop kid-tested activities that include art and crafts, science, imaginative play and more. Every month, the toddibox subscription will include a book, materials and inspiration related to a theme. All to promote fun, creativity, language and caregiving-child bonding.

To find out more about Toddibox, please visit http://www.toddibox.com.sg

Disclaimer: I received this Christmas themed Toddibox free of charge from Toddibox for product review. All content, comments and reviews belong to Dee of PruneNurture.com.


  1. Liked both pages. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! Hope to win this set for my boy…a surprise to start the New Year.

  2. Liked both pages. Hope to win for my sons! I think Toddibox is a great way to pass time, especially nowadays, it’s always rainning.

  3. Liked both pages!
    I would love to win this for my son, This will be a good distraction for him instead of the TV and iPad.

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