{Love Gifts} Creative Christmas Card Crafting with Kids

“Mummy, I want to use this for art and craft.”

I’m glad that of late Dot has been telling me that she wants to use certain materials for art and crafts. That’s the fruit of labour from our countless hours spent exploring the many possibilities of creating crafts using simple day-to-day stuff. We have tried using materials like egg carton, cardboard, cotton, egg shells, colored paints, play-doh, leaves and branches to create crafts.

With Christmas hanging around the corner, we explore creating simple greeting cards from the day-to-day things we see in our life but probably it never crosses our mind that they can also be used for crafts.

I love handmade love gifts and I believe by engaging and involving children to create festive gifts, it makes the giving more meaningful. It also send a message to our children that gifts do not need to be expensive to be worthy. When gifts are made from our hearts and hands, they are worth more than what money can buy.

1. Leaves and Twigs

Dot loves to observe and touch the little leaves and flowers on the ground. One day, I told her that we are going to collect dried leaves for art and crafts and she eagerly picked and collected some.

Materials we used:

  • colored paper
  • leaves. Press the leaves in the between the pages of a heavy book to keep it flat for at least a day.
  • twigs
  • glue
  • crepe paper
  1. Cut the twig into appropriate length and glue them on the paper.
  2. Glue the leaf on top of the twigs.
  3. Glue the googly eyes on the leaf.
  4. Roll a small piece of red crepe paper and paste it at the end of the leaf as shown.
  5. Put the card in between pages of a book or have something heavy on to the card to keep the pieces glued together for about one hour.

2. Cotton wool

We used the white fluffy cotton wool to create clouds, rabbit and even a snowman. Read here about Dot’s crafty time with cotton.

Gifts that come from the heart speak volume!

I wish you and your family a blessed and joyous Christmas!

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