Kukup, Malaysia – kelong, nature and life

Our family together with my parents, siblings and relatives went to Kukup, a small fishing village located in the district of Pontian, Johor, on the Strait of Malacca in Malaysia over one of the weekends.

During the long journey by coach, we had to diaper-wear Dot. When we finally reached Kukup, we changed Dot’s diaper at one of the restaurants at Kukup. We could not find a waste bin to throw Dot’s diaper and I asked one of the assistants where I can throw my waste. She said she could help us to throw and took the diaper from J’s hand and then dumped it in the gap between the planks. We were a bit taken aback cos it would most likely be disposed into the sea. That’s how all wastes end up in Kukup?!

We were then ushered to the jetty to take a boat ride to visit a kelong.

Kelong @Kukup
I took this picture when we were on a boat to a kelong.
The uncle explained to us what kind of fish are reared in their kelong.
Baby shark
A puffer fish specimen
A mini walk around the fishing village @Kukup

A walk that opens my eyes to discover and learn about this small fishing village and the life of the villagers.

It’s a no-no to have to many people walking on the wooden planks!
My little model 🙂
All the houses are on stilts!
Low tide and the boat was on muddy ground.
Boats on muddy ground.
Dot dashed for the playground when she spotted it from a distance!
One of the few villagers who still know how to make these fishing nets – a soon-to-be-lost skill.
These fishing nets are for the kelongs!
Fishing – a livelihood for the people in Kukup.
Anyone like salted fish??
Nature @Kukup
A flower accompanied by an insect.
Out of nowhere, these ferns caught my eyes!
What is her name?
I’m so proud that I caught this sunbird on my lens!
Dead logs and the remains of a boat’s skeleton.
Flowers of flowers
Snails and mudskippers are plenty at Kukup!
Beautiful is their name.
Night time @Kukup
It is one of the popular activities for the tourists to light up these lanterns for well-wishes. Fireworks can also be seen on beautiful display in the dark sky!

Late into the night, I could still hear people singing karaoke. Until the night was still and quiet then I finally dozed off on a queen size bed with Dot squeezed in between J and I.

During the whole trip, I am thankful that we had a very good tour guide and despite the lack of sleep, all of us still had great time together. The happiest was none other than our little Dot!


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