It’s more blessed to give

It was Christmas eve. Our family of three went out for lunch.

I asked Dot,”What do you want to eat?”

She replied,”Din Tai Fung. Eat noodle.”

I replied,”Let’s go Malaysia Boleh. Ok?”

Off we went to have Malaysian local food for our lunch. I was actually craving for the sinful Penang laksa!

Dot was playing with her little animal figurines while she ate her porridge. A little girl who was sitting behind us was watching Dot as she played.

Then I asked Dot,”Do you want to share your toys with Jie Jie (elder sister)?”

She nodded her head and went down her chair slowing and bashfully walked towards her with the toys grasped in her tiny little hands.

She wanted to say hi to the girl but the little girl was too shy to even look at her, even with much prompting from her grandma. Dot stood there and waited. Still the little girl refused to look at Dot.

I asked Dot back to her seat to continue her lunch. She came back unwillingly and J (her dad) reassured her that the little girl was just too shy to look at her.

Later the little girl’s mother came back with her food and offered a little cracker to Dot. J and I refused but Dot nodded her head eagerly and we finally accepted the little cracker for Dot.

Dot had her cracker and again she tried to offer her little toys to the little girl. She went and placed the toys on her table and the little girl finally responded and said thank you.

When we finally departed from our lunch place, Dot told J,”I’m so happy to give the toys to Jie Jie.”

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