An abandoned dog saved by kind souls

In the afternoon, Dot and I were on our way to the bus-stop. When we were at the void deck, we stopped and chatted with the elderly who were at the gathering area.

We noticed a cute little dog in the arms of one of the elderly whom we always meet there . Dot walked towards the dog but its bark gave Dot a scare.

The auntie started to share about this dog.

She saw this dog with his intestine coming out and a bloated tummy at one of the corner at the void deck. As she walked towards it and it wanted to bite her.

Quickly, she went home and told her daughter about this poor newborn dog. Her daughter then came searching high and low for the dog and finally found it hidden among the grass. It seems to be abandoned. Poor little dog.

The auntie’s daughter then brought the sick dog to the vet a few times and nursed it back to health.

So thankful that there are still kind souls who care enough to search for the sick dog, brought it to the vet and nursed it back to health.

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