Free to explore and learn on her own

Sharon gave me this end last year for Dot to sponge and paint. This “what-do-you-call-this” ends up in our bathroom as one of Dot’s bath toys.

When we are not hurried for time, I will fill her bathtub with warm water and she will have her own time to play inside the bathtub with her cups, containers and some other toys.

This morning, she asked for this sponge-like ‘toy’ and I gave it to her. And she did something that surprised me.

Her soapy fingers went over the hole at the end of the handle and then she gave it a blow. Bubbles came out of that hole.

Surprised me, quickly texted her dad and asked him if he has taught her how to blow bubbles. He replied,”She learns on her own”.

It just dawned upon me the importance of giving children time to free play and explore. When they are given time to explore and play, they learn on their own. There is so much value when children know how to learn on their own. It is so different being taught by adults.

Free play vs structured learning. I choose more free play for younger children.


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