10 favourite books for two to three years old

Daddy reads to Dot (2 yr 7 mth old) on the train.

I’ve never read so many children books in my life until I have Dot. It’s such a delight to read them even as an adult and learning to see things afresh from a child’s perspective. I’m so glad to be able to re-live my childhood together with Dot.

It’s such a blessing to read beautiful stories to nurture the young minds. Stories that can even help to impart values and nourish the young children’s minds and hearts.

These are 10 of Dot’s favourite books, and mine.

1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Eric Carle

Dot’s first Eric Carle’s book, her one-year-old birthday gift. A delightful book for toddler. We even grew our own caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.

2. Animal Book, Rod Campbell

An endearing book suitable for toddlers. Dot enjoys this book of nursery rhymes and little flaps to check out the hidden animals.

3. The Golden Egg Book, Margaret Wise Brown

A book suitable for toddler.

4. When Lulu went to the zoo, Andy Ellis

A friend introduced this book to me early this year. Dot enjoys this book. She said she wanted to wear purple like Lulu and kept saying that she wanted to go to Lulu’s house. She even asked me and her dad to wear shoes and go to Lulu’s house! Now whenever we are going to the zoo or bird park she will request to wear her “Lulu’s outfit”!

5. Papa, please get the moon for me, Eric Carle

After reading “Papa, please get the moon for me”, Dot jumped, danced and hugged the moon then she threw the moon in the air!

6. Wild Alphabet An A to Zoo Pop-up Book, Dan Green

This is Dot’s first pop-up book. She loves the 3D pop-up animals and after reading this book to her almost everyday for several weeks, she could name almost all the animals. We brought her to the zoo shortly after.

7. Little Cloud, Eric Carle

Dot and I went gazing at the clouds and the sky every time we read this book. To a child, clouds are not just clouds? They can change into a rabbit…clown..anything under the sun. Just imagine.

8. The Gruffalo, Julia Donaldson

Another one of Dot’s favourites. We also watched a DVD on Gruffalo. We also did some Gruffalo themed activities. Read more here.

9. Stick Man, Julia Donaldson

Dot could sit through the whole reading of this book which is a bit lengthy for little toddler. As we read to her, we will pause and talk more about that particular page. She remembers the many occasions the Stickman was caught by dog, little girl, swan…and there was once Dot ran off and she could not find us (Jay and I could still see her whereabouts) and started to cry. When she found us, she said, “like Stickman”.

10. Corduroy, Don Freeman

Dot has heaps of soft toys and she has her favourites. This book helps her to remember those toys that she has neglected and left alone.


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