Teaching concept of time to toddler

Dot : Mommy, I want to watch Hi-5…

Mommy : Hi-5 will only start at 12:30.

Dot : Mommy, I want to watch Hi-5…

Mommy : Dot, you have to wait..

Dot : Mommy, I want to watch Hi-5…


Young toddler like Dot does not have the concept of time, it can often time be frustrating for me to explain to her why we cannot do certain activities at certain time.

This led me to hand-make a clock together with Dot and try to teach her about the concept of time.

  1. We drew and coloured a big circle together on a drawing paper.
  2. As Dot can now read numbers, I asked Dot to look at the real clock and tell me what number I should write on the paper.
  3. I cut out the hands of the clock and fastened them together with the drawing paper.

The finished work is then hung in the living room.

I hope that by showing Dot the face of the clock repeatedly at certain time of the events, it will make an impression to her about the concept of time.

Learning about time is also learning about taking responsibilities of our daily schedule and resources. As I seek to teach her about time, I am also re-evaluating how I spend my time daily.


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