Daddy and his little girl bond over games

Few week ago, I (daddy) noticed Dot was trying out an animal quiz game on my iPhone which was downloaded several months ago. Initially I thought Dot was not be ready for the game because it requires some basic knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of the animals and also spoken English.

After observing her for a while, I was pleasantly surprised that she managed to answer many of the questions correctly.

Since Dot loves to go to the zoo and the animals, we bought her “National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Animals“. Since then, I have been reading this book to her and I started giving her some animal quizzes – verbal or action. She is so excited especially when she tries to guess the animals or insects that I am mimicking.

Some questions I ask Dot :

  • Which animal is the king of the jungle?
  • Which animal has black and white stripes?
  • Which animal has a long trunk?
  • Which sea creature carries a shell on its back?

Now our quizzes cover many topics including sea creatures, reptiles, insects, fruits and even biblical characters. Sometimes, I even encourage her to ask me question to make her learning more interesting and challenging.

Today, I play a new game with Dot which requires her to feel, touch and guess the object in her hands while keeping her eyes close. Sometimes, she is caught peeping into her hands when I was not looking.

Simple game and quizzes, yet so much fun and laughter for us. These are the simple and light hearted moments I treasure with my little girl.


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