[Video] A family that plays together stays together

So often we belittle a child’s playtime and think that it is a waste of time. Do you know that play is very important to a child’s development and even to our family well-being?

Dot enjoyed helping us pull the trolley in a supermarket.

Kerala Taylor mentioned in her post that making time for family play is critical to family well-being. Playing with your kids can mean chasing them around the playground, challenging them to chess, or building sandcastles together. But parents can also inject a playful spirit into routine chores and activities, like chopping veggies for dinner, shopping at the grocery store, or walking home from school.

Does your family need more play? This video will show you why it’s important and how you can make family play a priority.

Tell us how your family plays together!




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  1. Hi there! I love that you’re a parent that believes in play! Yes! Play is indeed not fluff or waste of time. It is serious business! And I believe in giving it priority and protected status in mine. Right now, as my kids are young, I’m giving them a lot of unstructured playtime. And yes, my house is often, and IS currently, in a state of disaster. But in the name of creativity, I shall close both eyes and live with it. Heee….

    By the way, I started a project series on my blog a few weeks ago called ‘Playful Families’ where I feature different families at play. I would love to be able to link up with you, and feature your playful family too! Meanwhile, do feel free to hop over to my little blog to meet some other playful families and catch more of the ‘play’ bug!


  2. I love the video and your post! Would you like to guest post this article together with this video on my site, http://www.oaktreebaby.com? The over-worked condition is really quite a real threat to today’s play. We don’t talk about play, our family play everyday, both together & independently. Because we believe in it so much, our family play every night together – its our down time. And every weekend we play together in nature. Life is good. 🙂 Have you hugged your child today? that’s play for us too. 🙂

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