For the month of April, we are embarking on the “Seed” adventure. We will be out and about to check out the seeds in our neighbourhood and beyond.

These two books help us to kick-start our “Seed” adventure!

A quick search on YouTube led us to this very interesting video about Seed Dispersal.


After reading the books, Dot can relate some of seeds she read to this video. She loves this part in the video where the fruits explode and expel the seeds from the parent plants. We pretend to be like these seeds that are being expelled by bouncing up and down on the bed. It’s so fun that she laughs so hard until her face turns red!

As we watch this video together, I am amazed at how wonderful the whole ecosystem is designed and created by our God. How can one deny the existence of God when they look at nature?

Every weekday, we pass by these Golden shower trees (Cassia Fistula) which are planted along the street near my parents’ place. The long brown pods drop when ready from the trees onto the ground. I broke one pod and showed Dot the seeds within. Each seed resides in one cell and I read that a pod can contain up to 100 seeds. One of the days, we found two seeds in the ground which are beginning to sprout. Initially, I was thinking of bringing these seeds to my parents’ to grow but did not in the end. Could you imagine a tree along the HDB corridor?

Every time we pass by this place, she wants to find a pod which she can use to sweep the leaves on the ground. A play and learning experience for her.

Near my parents-in-law’s place, we can find a lot of lalang plants. J went to pick one and show Dot this flurry plant whose seeds are dispersed by wind and he gave it a blow.

When we were at Genting Highlands recently, this little plant caught my attention. I discover that after the yellow petals dropped, their seeds with wing-like structures are arranged in lovely star-like design which are ready to be carried by the wind to their new home where they can root themselves and grow.

At home, we grow green beans. Initially we grow them on cotton, later J transferred them onto soil. He said,”Hopefully the green beans can grow to reproduce themselves.” Let’s hope that we can see these sprouting beans grow up strong and healthy to produce their own pods of green beans!

Each seed is unique and different. No two seeds are the same. A child is like a seed – unique and different – within resides seed of greatness that can influence the world.

We, parents, are like gardeners whose tasks are to look out for the intruders that will inhibit and retard the growth of our seeds and nurture our seeds to grow healthy by providing the right conditions for each seed. When our seeds finally break through the soil and show their little green leaves, the delight and joy in our eyes cannot be contained. It may take many years of labour – pruning and nurturing – before we see fruits. A challenging task that will bring out the best and the worst in us and yet enriching us to grow to be a better person.

“There they, Go, Go, Go, Go on an adventure!

The Thingamajigger is up and away!

Go, Go, Go, Go on an adventure!…..”

~ Dr Seuss’ Cat in the Hat (Song)

If you have done similar or related theme with your children, link up or share so that we can learn from you how and what you did with your little ones. Cheers!