Dot’s Doodle Gallery

8 Aug 2012 - Dot drew her balloons for the very first time!

Welcome to Dot’s Doodle Gallery

Dot enjoys drawing and painting with her hands, feet and brushes. Messy but very fun!

These are some of Dot’s works that I love.

This gallery helps me to remember her “creative” art work at different stages of her life.

More of Dot’s crafty Time at #DotCraftyTime.

Nov 2011 - Dot painted her first picture -“Bird” at Big Draw. Click image to read more.
4 Dec 2011 - Dot drew dad and mom using pastel crayons! Can you decipher her drawing?
11 Jan 2012 - Messy and fun painting for toddler. Click image to read more.
23 Feb 2012 - Tiny Hands and feet
15 Mar 2012 - Tiny hands with brushes, hands and feet
30 Mar 2012 - Dot used a bottle, ear buds, hands and feet and paint to do this piece of work. "Dorothy" is written by me. The rest are done by Dot.
12 June 2012 - Dot's hand painting in the morning.
11 July 2012 - Dot drew her first rainbow on her own.
8 Aug 2012 - Dot drew her balloons for the very first time!
29 Aug 2012: Guess what animals did Dot draw?.........Answer: A - Elephant, B - Lion
9 Oct 2012 (32 month, 2 week old) - Dot drew her own face.


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