It has been more than 3 years since I last stepped on Pulau Ubin, the rustic sunny island off northeast of Singapore. Visiting Pulau Ubin brings me back nostalgic memories of those days when I stayed in my grandparents’ zinc roof house chasing a dog, fishing, catching bugs, climbed trees – so carefree and fun.

On one Saturday morning, my mom, sis, bro, Dot and I drove to Changi for breakfast before heading off to the Changi Jetty to board the bumboat to Pulau Ubin.

Prior the trip, Dot was all pumped up and excited to take a bumboat ride to Pulau Ubin. When she finally was on the boat, her excitement diminished. Her face looked so serious and she hardly smiled – she was frightened by the waves splashing against the bumboat. She even remarked, “So funny. The water can come in.”

When we arrived on the island, Dot’s face beamed with excitement and smiles again.

The sky looked cheery and thank God for giving us a good weather that day ‘cos the past few days had been wet and gloomy. God is so good!

As Dot was with us on this trip, we decided not to rent bicycles – we will walk.

This taxi stand near the jetty caught my attention. I wonder how we can hail a taxi while we were on our way if we happened to be tired from walking.

Along the way, we found a lot of red saga seeds beckoning us to pick them. We picked a few and kept them – thinking that probably we can use these seeds to teach Dot’s numbers. But I was told that these seeds are toxic when consume raw. Guess I will have to wait till Dot is older to let her play with them if the seeds are still around.

It was quite a long walk to Chek Jawa Wetlands. When we finally reached Chek Jawa boardwalk, we were greeted by the sea breeze and we saw a monitor lizard walking on the shore which then took a dip in the water and swam away. There in the middle of  nowhere stood a tree so forlorn and lonely.

We discovered this odd-looking plants (image below). Anyone knows anything about this plant?

No regret walking the whole journey though we were very tired after walking for more than 3 hours with short breaks in between.

When we slowed down, we started to notice the real life going on around us – the beetles among the flowers, the ‘gold- head’ spiders weaving their webs, the rare yellow spider hiding under a leaf, a monitor lizard crawling on the shore, a school of fish swimming, tropical flowers that I hardly see at our estates and even awild boar roaming and searching for food.

Dot was so excited to see a wild boar and she even wanted to give her dried leaves to eat. After we left Pulau Ubin, I asked her, “What did you see at Pulau Ubin?” She said with excitement, “Wild boar!”

We would definitely miss most of what we found that day if we were to ride the bicycles.

I told my sis on our way back to the main island that because we walked I saw more things in this one trip than all my previous trips combined (excluding Chek Jawa).

Nature has so much to teach us about life if only we learn to slow down our pace of life and observe.


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