The Sound of Music

Recently we bought “The Sound of Music” dvd recommended by my sister. I read that this popular classic musical made in 1965 was also based on true story though not 100% accurate. I finally watched it together with my siblings and Dot. A very captivating, heart-lifting and heartwarming film – even Dot is captivated and drawn to the beautiful and catchy songs.

I love the free-spirited Maria, starred by Julie Andrews, who strongly believed and encouraged free unstructured and structured play for the children. The activities – marketing, outdoor play, singing, puppet show – she did for and with them were inspiring!

Dot is especially intrigued by the puppet show put up by Maria and the children for the Captain and his guests. The puppets could roll their eyes, move their cheeks and so on – they were not the normal fabric material puppets we usually see. She always asks to watch the “The Lonely Goatherd” again and again. What fun if we could also do a puppet show together!


I love most of the songs in this musical and even Dot, my little girl loves them. I have lost count of how many times she has watched and listened to the songs. Now she can be heard humming and singing some of the songs like Do-Re-Mi, Edelweiss and The Lonely Goatherd. The power of repetition!

Like all things, a true classic stands the test of time.

Recently, dad has been playing ‘Edelweiss” and other songs with his guitar before we go to bed. This inspires Dot to play with her ukulele again, which has been sitting idle on the shelf for quite a while. Dot also sings using her shaker, pretending that it is a microphone.

Filling our house with music too – a mini sound of music for the Prune+Nurture family!


    1. June, thanks for visiting. Dot loves music and singing! We have some musical instruments, small enough for her hands, at home that she sometimes use when she sings and dances with the music 🙂

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