Messy and fun painting for toddler

Every time Dot watches Baby Signing Time, there is this part in the show where toddlers do hand painting – which Dot calls “Tiny Hands”. For several months, she has been bugging me to get her paint to do hand painting. Her wish has been granted recently by her aunt.

Her beloved aunt bought her a box of Crayola Washable Kids’ Paint which is non-toxic. She even cut these potatoes for her to play. Dot is so blessed!

A piece of majong paper was taped at four corners on the floor. A cover of a container was used as a palette for the paint and a paint brush was also made available for her.

Initially, Dot was a bit apprehensive when her palms were covered with the paint. After some warm-up, she started to made many hand prints or her “Tiny Hands” on the paper, drew with her hands and brush. She even used her feet to paint after a while. If we gave her more time, we might find her rolling on the paint and paper.

Love to see her have fun though messy!

More to come! Check out Dot’s Doodle Gallery.



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