Habit training #1 – Dot learns self-control and order at the library

Dot's first visit to the library when she was about 13 month old

We are people of habits Рyoung and old alike. Naturally, we are inclined to do something whether it is beneficial or detrimental because knowingly or unknowingly habits are weaved into our lives. Whether we intentionally train our children habits or not, they will still form habits which will determine their success in life.

Sow an act, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny.

Since the day Dot started walking at about 12 month old, she starts to bring things around the house. A neat and orderly place turns into a mess in no time when she explores around. It is a stage where we will have ensure her safety while having more mess to clear!

We started bringing her to the library when she is about 13 month old.  She is always so excited by the large collection of books and the big space. She liked to run to and fro the book shelves and stacked the books on the table, many times without spending much time reading. It came a point where it became a bit out of control.

Dot's first visit to the library when she was about 13 month old

I told Dot and signed with my hands, “Mei, take only one book at a time. Ok?”

Dot replied, “Ok.”

Self-control and order do not come naturally to her – such habits are undeveloped and we thought it was good to start training her when she can understand basic instruction. It took us several occasions to supervise and remind her that only one book is allowed to and fro the book shelf. Now that she is two years old, she is able to exercise more self-control and most of the time takes only one book at a time.

Recently, I was surprised to see Dot picked up a chair that fell off at the read-aloud corner. In the similar occasion, she saw a torn book on the shelf and brought it to the librarian.

It was encouragement to see the fruit of our labour!



  1. Good job Dot! Sophie used to be more “compliant” when she was younger. Now it’s a different story, but I guess it’s just her being cheeky.

    1. Dot is getting naughtier now – terrible two I guess. She will throw tantrum and expresses her displeasure with a scream. Thankfully she still keeps her stuff at home but still need prompting sometimes.

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