Baby Signing Time!

Dot is a fan of Signing Time – she loves the music, watching the babies doing ASL (American Sign Language) and interacting by moving her hands and body.

We introduced ASL (American Sign Language) to her when she was about 8-month old when a friend shared with us about Baby Signing Time. She could communicate with us even before she could speak – she would sign “milk” when she wanted to drink milk.

Now we still watch “Signing Time” together, limiting to 30 minutes to one hour per day.  She still enjoys learning new signs, words, moving her hands and body with the music. Sometimes I will just sign to her without speaking and she knows what I am trying to communicate. Loving it!

She learns a lot of new words from Signing Time and it helps a lot when we read to her.

The good thing is we can borrow Signing Time DVDs from our libraries.

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