How to make Play Dough at home


2 cups plain flour

1 cup salt

1 cup water

2 tbs. olive oil

2 tbs. cream of tartar (this makes the dough last longer)

Mix these together and warm them in a pan on the stove. Let the mixture cool down a little and then form it into a ball before kneading it for a few minutes. Remember to soak the pan immediately before the remnants become caked on. Food colouring can be added.

The dough will last for a few months as long as it is kept in an airtight plastic box to prevent it from drying out.

I read The Wonder Years and saw this recipe. I tried making this dough for Dot to play and the texture is good to make balls, figurine and so on. After playing, I left it in the fridge and the following day it is still good to play.

It only takes less than 10 minutes to prepare the dough. Give it a go!


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