Dot loves the playground

Dot first visited the playground when she was about 14 month old. The first few times, she observed her surrounding and the people there. After that she is like an animal on the loose – climbing and running around. Ever since she plays at the playground when the weather is good  in the evening – the time of the day she always looks forward to.

17 month-old Dot

She is a toddler with boundless energy and the space at home is too limited for her to explore and run around. Sad to say some of the playgrounds at our neighbourhood are not suitable for toddlers – either they are too small, unsafe, dirty or not interactive enough. Thankfully the commercial Little Tikes playground at Dot’s grandma’s place is quite fun and interactive. She gets to run around, climb, turn the wheel-like object, play the slide and even get to learn how to socialize with other children at the playground.

As she is usually the youngest at the playground, I have to make sure that she is safe when she is navigating around and among the other children. Under watchful eyes, I allow her to move freely without interfering much so that she can freely explore and learn.

Sometimes I will play with her – it’s like being a child again!


Children who are allowed to play and explore outside are likely to be more adventurous, self- motivated and better able to understand risk when they grow up, according to Dr Livingstone.

On the other hand, children who spend a lot of time on the computer tend to spend a lot of time alone, away from reality. – Irish Times, BBC: Children playing outside laugh more

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