Being a mom takes on a new perspective

7 month, 2 weeks old Dot
7 month, 2 weeks old Dot

The transition from a pregnant mom-to-be to a real mom is tough. The learning curve was very sharp and there was no way I could just throw the towel and call it quits. The early months, especially the first month of breastfeeding, was very challenging and draining due to lack of experience, knowledge and rest. Thankfully, at that time I was able to seek practical advice from friends who are already mothers.

As I got the hang of things, things are more predictable and I could manage myself and time better. However, I went through a period of ‘soul searching’ where I struggled with self-worth for several months as I could not imagine myself being a mom who just provides physical needs to my child – life must be more than that. I could definitely do much more than these!

I prayed. And that faithful day came! I felt convicted and convinced in my heart that I should be the primary care-giver of Dot, my adorable girl.

Never in my life would I imagine that I would make such decision but something in my heart said that I should give to what is more important – Dot. Being a mom starts to take on a new perspective.

It is a whole new learning experience being a mom- whether we learn from books, experienced mothers, doctors or teachers – the learning never ends.

As I am a rather forgetful person, I like to write them down so that I can refer to them on and off. Here I will share some of my experiences – fun, struggles, new findings, notes and so on. Feel free to share yours too. Learning together can be fun!

God bless your heart!

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