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Dot learns to feed herself

Dot learns to feed herself

Dot just passed 17 month. How time flies! She has been picking up words fast and now she is able to voice her likes and dislikes¬† just simply with “Yes” or “No”. She can even let us know that she would like to have cheese with her bread. She definitely loves her new found independence!...
Dot's milestone first year and beyond

Dot’s milestone first year and beyond

15 days : Finally I managed to catch her smile on the camera. 27 days : Haiz…! Dorothy pulled her own hair and cried…;p 1 month, 8 days : Dot starts baby-talking. 2 month, 7 days : We introduce sparkling board books to her.¬† Her eyes sweep across the pages when we read the stories...
Reading aloud improves Dot's linguistic skills

Reading aloud improves Dot’s linguistic skills

We started reading to her since Dot is about 10 week old. Our objective then was to train her eyes to move along with our fingers when we moved across the pages.  The colourful graphics caught her eyes as she grew older. Dot is now slightly more than 16 month old. It is exciting to...